Roblox - the best game for kids

What is Roblox video game? Is it safe for kids?

Roblox isn’t just MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) title; it’s a platform which allows the users to develop experiences, play video games, role-play, and find out with pals. Everybody gets their virtual toolkit to develop their own Roblox video games, powered through the user-friendly, light-weight programs language, Lua. The outcome is a substantial variety of video games which look comparable to their Lego, blocky visual. Fortunately, then, there are choices to filter video games by category and attraction. When you log in, you can make your avatar which sticks with you throughout each Roblox video game. Roblox platform is focused not only on households and kids but also on mature people.… Read More

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Collection of Pokemon Games

Most popular Pokemon GBA ROMS

Pokemon ROMS are files that you can emulate and enjoy your game on PC. Since first emulators came to the world, handheld gaming became portable and comfy. Now emulator has a lot of possibilities, and you can make your gaming even more enjoyable. Here we prepared most popular GBA ROMS! Pokemon Ruby Version This one brings us to the third generation of Poke games. So far we have 386 of them – this is incredible amount! In the beginning, you choose the trainer, and your journey begins. Entirely new, unknown Hoenn region our goal is obvious – became champion! New games require tactic and strategy skills, they are demanding and… Read More

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Paladins vs Overwatch 2017

Paladins: Champions of the Realm vs Overwatch

Paladins were developed by Smite creator Hi-Rez Studios. It is compared with Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. The game is a team-based shooter where players may choose anyone from the variety and fight to capture their objectives. The free-to-play first-person shooter picks two teams comprising five heroes in an objective-based arena. It belongs to a long list of hero-centric action games, which have been dominating the video game for the last few years. One striking point of the game is that it is a multiplayer shooter game. The list of characters which this game has to offer is diverse in nature, and one thing is for sure that most of them do… Read More

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Powermat Wireless Power Solutions

Powermat: Wireless Charger for Gadget Geeks

  A new cell charger has hit the market, allowing gadget geeks to charge portable devices without using any wires. Ipods and cell phones need an outlet to which they connect to recharge the batteries. However, Powermat Ring is a new cell charger that uses magnetic induction to charge attached devices. PM allows users to place a device on its platform without the need for wires or outlets. Benefits of the Wireless Power Solutions This charger isn’t for someone who only has one or two devices. The gadget is more beneficial for those people who have several consoles, iPods and cell phones. The advantage of the device is that it’s wireless so that… Read More

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iWatch - the best gadget for iphone

Where to Exchange or Upgrade Used Iphones and Electronic Gadgets

Used cars aren’t the only things brought in to exchange for a new one at lower costs. Electronic gadgets now have several major retailers with buy back programs for a consumer looking to upgrade their electronic lives with new phones or other gadgets. Stores with Buy Back or Trade- in Electronic Programs The following stores invite the buyer to return the used item and receive credit toward a new one. Those seeking used items also have the advantage of a constant influx of gadgets, refurbished when needed, at a lower cost. The program benefits the buyers for savings and the stores for foot traffic. • Target has a trade in… Read More

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Video Game Scholarships for Women

Sony, ESA Offering Money for Minorities Entering Games Industry In an effort to make the video games industry more diverse, Sony and the Entertainment Software Association have set up new scholarship funds which offer thousands of dollars to women and minorities interested in pursuing certain video games fields. Surveys Reveal Women’s Thoughts on Games Industry The drive to create new scholarship funds was inspired by recent findings of a survey conducted by Sony Online. The survey, conducted among females enrolled in video games programs at certain Art Institute schools, found that 61% of students believe women are turned away from careers in the games industry because of its domination by… Read More

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