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  • Description
    • First thing I have to say about BMX Boy is that the music rocks!

      This is a fast paced BMX game in which you gain points for making high and difficult jumps. It's very important not to crash though as this will lose you many points and perhaps some of your dignity.

      There are many obstacles that you have to jump over in BMX Boy and that is where the problems started for me when I was playing it. If you should get stuck behind an obstacle going back is a pain with these controls. You have to use the up arrow to turn around and then pedal back a way and then turn around again.

      I'm not sure if I missed something or if I was just no good at this BMX game but I really felt quite frustrated when playing this game.

      Luckily there are plenty more great BMX games to play on this website!
  • Instructions
    • As with most bike games you use the arrow keys to move the bike. However, in BMX Boy you get to perform all manner of special tricks by using the number keys (1-9).

      The space bar is used for jump and the up arrow is used to change direction.

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