Powermat Wireless Power Solutions

Powermat: Wireless Charger for Gadget Geeks


A new cell charger has hit the market, allowing gadget geeks to charge portable devices without using any wires. Ipods and cell phones need an outlet to which they connect to recharge the batteries. However, Powermat Ring is a new cell charger that uses magnetic induction to charge attached devices. PM allows users to place a device on its platform without the need for wires or outlets.

Benefits of the Wireless Power Solutions

This charger isn’t for someone who only has one or two devices. The gadget is more beneficial for those people who have several consoles, iPods and cell phones. The advantage of the device is that it’s wireless so that it can be placed on a counter, on the floor or a nightstand.

All devices are connected to the Powermat’s surface by placing them on the top of the platform. A sound indicator lets the user know that the devices attached are charging. Some devices like iPhones may need an extra case. iPods are charged upright in a connector, similar to a regular iPod charger connected to a wall outlet.


For some devices, accessories are required to charge cell phones or other portable devices. For instance, if the user chooses to purchase this charger for a Nintendo DS, the Nintendo Back accessory is required. Digital cameras, GPS devices, and some iPod generations can be charged without the use of an accessory purchase. Other devices that need Powermat accessories include:

  • Blackberries
  • iPhones
  • Some iPods
  • Some Bluetooth headsets and headphones

To determine if a device needs an accessory case or connector, visit official product website.

Cost for the gadget and Its Accessories

Since this gadget can charge several types of devices at one time, the cost of just the platform is affordable when compared to purchasing a charger for each separate device. Powermat’s charge starts at $100, but accessories that support individual devices increases the price. Included with the Powermat is a universal cube, which attaches to the platform and connects to portable devices. If the user needs several of these universal cubes, they can be purchased for an extra $29.99. An adapter may also be required for devices like Nintendo DS, LG cell phones and Apple products.

This mobile phone charger is a great gift for any gadget geek who owns several electronic, portable devices. Place it anywhere in the home to conveniently charge cell phones, Nintendo DS gaming consoles, iPhones, and iPods. Using no wires, the device removes the clutter on a countertop or desk.

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Where to Exchange or Upgrade Used Iphones and Electronic Gadgets

Used cars aren’t the only things brought in to exchange for a new one at lower costs. Electronic gadgets now have several major retailers with buy back programs for a consumer looking to upgrade their electronic lives with new phones or other gadgets.

Stores with Buy Back or Trade- in Electronic Programs

The following stores invite the buyer to return the used item and receive credit toward a new one. Those seeking used items also have the advantage of a constant influx of gadgets, refurbished when needed, at a lower cost. The program benefits the buyers for savings and the stores for foot traffic.

• Target has a trade in program for all type cell phones as well as other devices.
• Radio Shack will buy back used iphones and other devices.
• Wal-Mart includes digital cameras, iPods, iPods, and iPhones computers in their purchase exchange program. The service is in store. The online program is through Gazelle.
• Office Depot includes printer products.
• Staples is similar to Office Depot.
• Kmart has an online and real store program. Inquire first since they often change their deals.
• Sears has an electronic trade in program and even offers gold and diamond buy back exchange program for jewelry to keep choppers returning.
• Check out the retail store where the gadget was purchased such as T-Mobile, Apple or Verizon
• Dell takes back its products.

Online sites exchange or sell mobile phones, computers and videogames

The above retailers work with different online sites. Although the buyer/seller of electronic goods can go the site themselves, often the convenience of the store doing the work is the enticement. The advantage of going it alone online is a reduction of the middleman and thus savings in the exchange. Here are some online sites to check out.

• Craigslist is a good local or national site to find and trade used gadgets. There is a trust factor involved when it’s individual buyer to buyer so use caution in dealing.
• Nextworth will work with stores and individuals for a fair price.
• The Gateway trade in program for Gateway Products.
• Ebay is the grand daddy of doing it yourself auction sites but also works with the above mentioned physical stores.
• Amazon has a trade-in of virtually any product, electronic or otherwise including games, videos, and the common electronic programs.
• Gazelle works with the retailer and can be used by individuals.
• Exchange will recycle many electronic items.
• Electronic device chat forums such as vr-zone.com and of the manufacturer of the item to be exchanged or upgraded
• Yourenew.com is an online site.
• Techforward.com has a buy back program with an initial join fee
• EcoNew is similar to tech forward with a sign-up program.
• Buymytronics.com offers cash for trade-ins of decent electronic items.
• BestBuytradein.com works with Best Buy
• Cashforlaptops.com is self-explanatory.
• Gamestop is very popular with its game genre and has an active message board.
• Costco has an extensive trade in or trade up a program for monitors, cell phones, blu-ray and more.

Bartering and exchanging services is another way to save money or acquire cheap products. These programs not only help save cash but also play a role in the green energy saving waste reduction programs needed to keep the earth cleaner on a small scale.