Paladins vs Overwatch 2017

Paladins: Champions of the Realm vs Overwatch

Paladins were developed by Smite creator Hi-Rez Studios. It is compared with Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. The game is a team-based shooter where players may choose anyone from the variety and fight to capture their objectives. The free-to-play first-person shooter picks two teams comprising five heroes in an objective-based arena. It belongs to a long list of hero-centric action games, which have been dominating the video game for the last few years. One striking point of the game is that it is a multiplayer shooter game. The list of characters which this game has to offer is diverse in nature, and one thing is for sure that most of them do not fall into the traditional bracket of stereotypes. Your enjoyment will extend to playing as healers as well as supporters in a lot of ways.

Paladins and Overwatch are more or less similar to each other. Those who are familiar with playing with Overwatch will take off with Paladins naturally as game modes are same. In regards to its in-game item store, this game takes a cue from MOBA-styles games more where gamers should purchase cards to customize their champions. By enhancing some abilities over others, the players can further customize their characters through an extensive card system. The game is that the 1st team by securing 4 points can win the game. By purchasing items with currency earned during the game, the hero can be customized further. Champions of the Realm have two game modes- siege & payload.

Key features of Paladins: Champions of the Realm

1. Colorful Aesthetic – a pleasing & vivid aesthetic should run on computers which are cool to eyes.
2. Team based gameplay – players should take part in 5v5 matches of teamwork. Thus each player’s unique abilities and weapons are used in a strategic manner.
3. Closed quartered maps – the game is designed with a simple map which channels the players to engage in all-out brawls with one another in a consistent manner.
4. Stack the deck – hero’s playstyle can be customized through earning cards, which boosts various stats, abilities, and weapons.
5. Items – the integral part of the game is to earn currency by fighting with enemies and purchase items which will enhance gamer’s character.

Categories of Paladins:

  • Frontline – it is more tank-like. They are more protecting to their teammates and hold the enemy team back. They include Barik, Ruckus, Makoa, Fernando.
  • Damage – The damage heroes damage the Paladins champion lineup, but their similarities end there. The damage champions are Viktor, Drogoz, Kinessa, Cassie, Bomb King, Sha Lin.
  • Support – they are actual healers. They help their teammates in different ways as slowing down enemies, polymorphing and act as controllers than strict healers. The support heroes comprise with Grover, Pip, Ying, Grohk, Mal’Damba.
  • Flank – these heroes hang out in the enemy back line. Their character is a combination of speed, health, and stealth. They are Evie, Buck, Skye, Androxus.

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