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Most popular Pokemon GBA ROMS

Pokemon ROMS are files that you can emulate and enjoy your game on PC. Since first emulators came to the world, handheld gaming became portable and comfy. Now emulator has a lot of possibilities, and you can make your gaming even more enjoyable. Here we prepared most popular GBA ROMS! Before downloading any emulator, please read its instructions. Additionally, you can find more information about the games and the emulator on the reddit.

Pokemon Ruby Version

This one brings us to the third generation of Poke games. So far we have 386 of them – this is incredible amount! In the beginning, you choose the trainer, and your journey begins. Entirely new, unknown Hoenn region our goal is obvious – became champion! New games require tactic and strategy skills, they are demanding and the champion title may not be that easy to get! Discover new thing – PokeBlock and other various things that Ruby ROM offers you.

Emerald Version

Emerald ROM shows that story that can still surprise and amaze! Developers gave us few interesting features like the chance to catch legendary Rayquaza, Latios and Latias. Also, new localisation is available here, so the game begins again. Our underlings can now carry items, and it may be a pleasant surprise to get new items to our backpack. A lot of Pokeballs like Master, Hyper, Nest Ball or Timer ball are offered in-game. Also Desert Underpass and Mirage Tower lets us get Fossils comfier. An enormous amount of changes here almost entirely alter the playstyle – now, even more, places are here, only waiting to be discovered, the significant quantity of changes regarding just Pokemon also appeared here. You can find more information about poke and other Nintendo games through the following sources –

Pokemon Sapphire ROM

The last one, Sapphire is known as one of „advanced generation” series, although it is almost identical to previous releases. The central theme remains same; you are supposed to win Tournaments and become the Champion. But the game offers us a few new things. Battle mechanics has been changed a bit, Pokemon’s skills have been balanced, and we can also see a few more abilities we can use. The new thing called „Condition” also appears here; it is an excellent add to gameplay that requires you to improve or change playstyle. Although the game has not many updates, those who came here are appreciated, and they make this title even more attractive.

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